Discover the perfect venue for your next event at the Farm Bureau Expo Center in Wilson County, Tennessee!

Nestled down the road from Nashville International Airport off I-40, it sits on the James E. Ward agricultural grounds and is home to the iconic Wilson County Fair. Meeting in the middle has never been easier.

Why choose us for your event? 

Preferred Providers

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Lessees requiring catering services must use a caterer from the approved FBEC Preferred Food and Beverage Provider List. An outside catering vendor may be used with approval of the Expo Director and will be assessed per person surcharges. Lessees requiring event services must select from the approved FBEC Preferred Event Services Provider List.

Preferred Provider List Preferred Provider Menu Book
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Ticketed Events

All tickets for any event must be approved by the Expo Director, with a copy of the tickets attached to the contract for the FBEC File. The FBEC does not sell tickets for events. The Lessee will be responsible for paying a $1.00 Ticket Maintenance Fee to the FBEC for every ticket sold. 

Event Handbook

We hope you find this guide a beneficial tool in your planning process. It is an extension of our agreement process providing details of our operation as well as answering many vital questions. Our team stands ready to serve your planning needs. We look forward to welcoming our event planners and their guests as “Meeting in the Middle” offers an incredible resource for your event and an experience to be remembered.

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Event Checklist

Planning a successful event involves making numerous decisions, some are very easy while some require more insight into the nature of your event. ranging from the straightforward to those demanding a deeper understanding of your event’s nature. The order in which these decisions are made can significantly influence your event’s success, much like a chain reaction of falling dominoes. 

As an event venue, we’ve overseen numerous events with a wide variety of successes and challenges, we’ve compiled this event planning checklist. Our aim is to assist you in navigating the common issues and best practices that often arise during event planning. By following this checklist, you’ll gain a comprehensive view of the decision-making process, allowing us to collaborate effectively and help you create the best possible version of your event.

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